Pressing containers – ideal solution



The container is used for more effective utilization of the waste. It can be best used in places with bigger amount of municipal waste e.g. supermarkets, administration centers, factories, health centers, market halls etc. 

Easy handling

The container is easy to manipulate with. It is connected to the electricity by movable supply. It is equipped with the lock, which eliminates the misuse. 

Technical specification

The pressing container has a very strong construction. Its outstanding features are high durability and resistance. It is treated with the double basic synthetic coating and the double surface synthetic coating. Other surface treatment is possible, according to the requirements of the customer.


The pressing container compacts the municipal waste five times. Thus, it saves the transport costs considerably. You do not transport the air, but waste.

Mobile pressing container – hinge 

Mobile pressing container 16m3 MLK-16m3
Mobile pressing container 20m3 MLK-20m3
Mobile pressing container 23m3 MLK-23m3

Mobile pressing container  – skip

Mobile pressing container 5m3 MLK-5m3
Mobile pressing container 8m3 MLK-8m3
Mobile pressing container 10m3 MLK-10m3

Stationary pressing container and tanks

Stationary press SL-1
Tank 20m3 ZS-10m3
Tank 25m3 ZS-10m3
Tank 30m3 ZS-10m3
Tank 34m3 ZS-10m3

Pressing containers