Skip containers


The container is used for gathering, storage and transport of various types of materials e.g. solid and runny waste, thick liquids, oils, ashes etc.

Technical specification

The container is a steel welded frame from bent profiles. The tube and the side walls are from steel plates 3-4 mm wide, the welding is watertight. It is treated with the double basic synthetic coating and the double surface synthetic coating. Other surface treatment is possible, according to the requirements of the customer. 

Types of containers

Skip container 3,5m3 -open ZAK-3,5
Skip container 5m3   - open ZAK-5
Skip container 7m3   - open ZAK-7
Skip container 10m3 - open ZAK-10
Skip container 3,5m3- closed ZAK-3,5-z
Skip container 5m3   - closed ZAK-5-z
Skip container 7m3   - closed ZAK-7-z
Skip container 10m3 - closed ZAK-10-z

Skip containers