Storage containers


The container is used for gathering, storage and transport of various types of materials. It can also be used as a store for building material, finished products or ecological store.

Technical specification

The container is a steel welded frame from bent profiles. The side walls are made from bent steel plates 2,5 mm wide, the welding is watertight. The container floor is made from steel grates or  non-slip grooved plate 3mm wide. The door can be locked (safeguarding by two vertical rods) and is equipped with sealing rubber. The container can be manipulated with high-lift truck (the carriage is equipped with holes) or with crane (meshes on frame).

Types of containers 

Storage container 15m3 KS-15
Storage container 20m3 KS-20
Storage container 25m3 KS-25
Storage container 30m3 KS-30
Storage container 35m3 KS-35

Storage containers